Show and exhibition by TOPGUN at MUSIC MEDIA DOME.
The first BARBERSHOW in Russia took place on September 3rd.
That day MMD housed a large amount of elite European and American barbers. собралось беспрецедентное количество звезд из числа мировой элиты барберов Европы и США. The acknowledged leaders of their craft held five workshops in one day. The organiser of the large-scale event was TOPGUN, the largest barbershop chain in Russia.

BARBERSHOW is a large-scale event for industry professionals, for those who strive to improve their skill every day and learn from the best.

BARBERSHOW participants:
Eric Pacinos (USA)
Josh Lamonaca (UK)
Chris Bossio (USA)
Josh O'Meara-Patel (UK)
Paolo & Eliseo Salomone (Italy)

An important addition to the workshops were special offers from European and American producers of men's cosmetics and barber tools, produced exculsively for the BARBERSHOW.

Entertaining parts of the show impressed everyone as well. Contests with prizes from Apple, hip-hop and electronic artists' performances were a great bonus.

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