A business forum by the Party of Growth
The chairman of the forum's committee, Boris Titov, invites representatives of the entrepreneur field to participate in Nabat:
«Last year there were over 8 million checks in the country, the amount of criminal charges has grown by 30%, everywhere we see a violation of property rights, non-stationary retail facilities are being demolished, people are dispossessed of agricultural lands, rent agreements are unilaterally terminated. All this is happening against the backdrop of a crisis - one of the toughest, longest, exhausting in the history of contemporary Russia. Nevertheless, it does not stop the government from raising credit rates, monopoly rates, taxes and cadastral value rent rates. All this makes business risky, as well as unprofitable.

Today nobody will help us if we do not join our efforts. Pressure on business has reached its peak – it is time to ring the alarm! It is time we gathered together and created an effective system of self-protection and stood our ground".
Over 1000 entrepreneurs from 70 regions of Russia gathered at Moscow's Media Dome for the Nabat business forum, organised by the Party of Growth together with the Association of business patriotism "Avanti" and the Party of small and medium businesses.

The aim of the forum is to create an effective self-defence mechanism which would protect business in Russia from the growing amount of checks, as well as to join efforts to create a series of legal initiative that would improve the business climate in the country and provide a means for entrepreneurship to progress.

During the forum problems of small and medium enterprises were discussed. A so-called "business brotherhood" was formed – a new system that brings together entrepreneurs. The main aims are:
— creation of a new effective self-defence mechanism that protects from unjust checks and authority pressure;
— solutions to problems that deteriorate business development, promotion of mutual initiatives;
— discovery of new ideas and partners for private business development.

The following speakers participated in the forum:

— Boris Titov, Entrepreneur rights commissioner for the president, co-chair of "Business Russia";
— Irina Hakamada, PhD in Economics, public figure, publicist;
- Yakov Mirkin, Russian scientist, economist, developer of the structure and programme of higher education in the field of the financial market;
— Dmitry Potapenko, Management Development Group Inc. Executive partner;
— Dmitry Porochkin, leader of the youth wing of the Party of Growth, entrepreneur;
— Dmitry Marinichev, interner-ombudsman, member of the expert committee at the Agency of strategic initiatives, member of the general committee of Business Russia, head of Radius Group;
— Umar Dzhabrailov, Russian entrepreneur, chair of the general committee of the Avanti Association for business patriotism;
— Victor Zvagelsky, Russian entrepreneur, governmental and political figure, state Duma member of the V and VI assemblies of the "Yedinaya Rossiya" party.

— Andrey Nazarov, Vice-president of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia", special investment cooperation representative for the President of Republic Bashkortostan, PhD in Political Sciences;
— Andrey Danilenko, Leader of the agro-industrial policy Committee of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia;
— Igor Bukharov, President of the Russian Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers;
and many others.

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