The FIFA 2018 opening match: Russia - Saudi Arabia at the FOOTBALL FEST
A public broadcast of the FIFA18 opening match on the World's largest projection surface at MUSIC MEDIA DOME.
The event was visited by 1 500 people. This is the first sports broadcast carried out in such format.
On June 14th MMD held its own event – a broadcast of the FIFA 18 opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia.
The opening day of the FOOTBALL FEST included a live broadcast of the official opening of the FIFA from the Luzhniki Stadium; a live broadcast of the Russia-Saudi Arabia opening match projected onto the World's largest screen; the largest bar in Moscow; a show including DJ Vladlen Reznikov, Band'Eros and IOWA; interactive zones organized by our partners: Rambler, TOPGUN, Hello Computer, Mosigra and others; a special child zone; a demonstration of the unique design and capabilities of the venue.

The height of the screen is equal to the height of an 8-storey building. The largest video surface with an area of 6230 m2 transforms the surrounding space in 360° dimension. The latest projection technology allowed our guests to experience the immersive effect and feel the atmosphere of the stadium.

Another bonus that surprised our guests with its scale, was a bar designed specifically for the FOOTBALL FEST. It is already known as the largest bar in Moscow. The free space of the bar is 4000 m2, and its maximum capacity is 5000 people.
The event attracted the interest of the sports community.
"Rambler invites you to the multimedia venue TESLA PLACE in Moscow. During the FIFA World Cup anyone would be able to watch the live broadcast of all the games on the World's largest projection surface for free!"
"MMD is already known as the venue for the largest events in the capital. But something like this is happening for the first time!"

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