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Attention! The concert will be held in the covid/free format
November 26, 2021 | Friday
8 PM
from 2200 ₽
A group of friends formed a group called MGZAVREBI fifteen years ago. During this time, the band has released 7 albums and acquired an audience of thousands. The upcoming festive concert is a real gift for both the audience and the musicians themselves.

The band's vocalist Gigi Dedalamazishvili says the following about the anniversary: "Our band is 15 years old. To say that these years have passed quickly and imperceptibly is to say nothing. The phrase sounds, probably, very trivial, but in our case it is exactly so. Like yesterday, on September 11, 2006, we gave our first concert in a small literary cafe called "Paulo Coelho". This concert was forced to do by my sister Nini and my mother, and if it weren't for them, probably nothing would have happened. I remember how worried I was. Then there were three more of us on the stage, and this was the first concert when I went on stage and said: "Hello, we are the MGZAVREBI band".

We wouldn't like to celebrate MGZAVREBI's birthday alone. In our case, 15 years is an important anniversary. In general, I love big birthdays, when there is a reason to get together with friends and to remember the stories that connect us. It would be great if all our friends who attended our concerts during all these years, listened to our music, wrote very pleasant words to us and said them in live communication, gathered at the MGZAVREBI anniversary concert. All of us together would remember what happened over these 15 years, thank each other and celebrate the birthday in all its glory! Of course, we will also have little surprises, both musical and non-musical. But it's better to learn about them directly at the concert. I won't say anything about them. Surprise is surprise!"

Singing your favorite songs in chorus with MGZAVREBI is priceless! Don't miss the festive show on November 26, 2021 at MusicMediaDome, Moscow.

Organizer: LLC "TCI", (INN): 7714446121,
Adress: 125284, Moscow, Russian Federation Leningradskiy prospect, building 31a, building 1, floor 25, room 1 room 3