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L'One | 7 PM
Attention! The concert will be held in the covid/free format
November 28, 2021 | Вс
7 PM
from 1 500 ₽
On November 28, L'ONE will give a big concert ".FIRST" for the first time in 3 years, where he will perform all the most important hits.

L'ONE is an artist with a unique creative career and vibrant musical style. For the first time, he became the talk 15 years ago, and no matter what happened, Levan proved all these years with each of his albums and performances and strengthened his status as one of the main artists on the national stage. World tours, stadium concerts and dozens of hits not a single generation has grown up on lie behind him.

This autumn, L'ONE invites all those who have been with him from the very beginning and those who have only recently joined to his big solo concert, to make it louder than it has ever been. This is neither a dot no even a comma in an artist's career. This is the next stage, the continuation of the way that began many years ago, this is a tribute to everything that was before and a bright headlong start of what will be after.

Organizer IP Goroziya Levan Emzarovich
Address: Russia, 119048, Moscow, Komsomolsky prospect 46, kop.3, apt. 7
OGRNIP 313774610800994
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