Presentation of a new season on Pyatnitsa!

A closed party for Pyatnitsa! TV-channel with a new season premiere at MUSIC MEDIA DOME.
On October 13th, 2016 MMD held a closed party for Pyatnitsa! TV-channel, where the new TV season was presented. The event gathered over 1500 visitors, most of which included people from the TV industry and representatives of large players on the ad market. The beginning of the event took visitors on a journey to a multileveled China-town, decorated by neon lights, where they could taste many types of ice-cream. After that, as if out of outer space, arrived the main stars of the channel – Andrey Bednyakov, Zhanna Badoyeva, Konstantin Ivlev and Elena Letutchaya. They presented their new projects on Pyatnitsa!, flavouring the official part of the evening with their original jokes. The entire event was supported by a bright lightshow and many surprises. For example, a luxurious double-decker limo entered the venue, followed by extreme parkour professionals, who ran around the territory. The guests did not get bored even in between events thanks to the many different surprises like the appearance of a choir of 100 people or the dropping of inflated latex gloves from the ceiling. Masha Tsigal was in charge of the afterparty. The event reflected the slogan on the channel: "Taste the world!".
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