Giorgio Armani Show

The fall-winter 2016-2017 collection demonstration and the presentation of Giorgio Armani's autobiography with a limited amount of copies at MUSIC MEDIA DOME.
"The "Giorgio Armani" sign glows on the venue building. The interiors perfectly match the brand's aesthetics – ideally black soft walls and floor nobly mute all sounds and create an atmosphere of mystery; just below the ceiling videorows of images scroll by: magazine front pages, photograps of models, of Armani himself – all the visual representations of how the brand developed and changed through the recent decades. While the guests find their places in the dim surroundings, classical music plays gently in the background", Buro writes.

2016 was special for the Russian fashion industry – the legendary designer, Giorgio Armani, visited Moscow for the first time in 7 years. The reason for his visit was the anniversary of the Giorgio Armani brand. The couturier preferred to personally introduce the audience of the capital to his new fall-winter collection and present his autobiography, which had a limited amount of copies. The grand show needed a grand venue, and the maestro chose MMD.

Our team provided all the necessary decorations, technical and video equipment to bring Giorgio Armani's ideas to life. The venue became an excellent place for the show due to its effective 'industrial loft' design. Thrilling panoramic projections and infinite ceilings became the perfect frame for the masterpieces from the couturier's new collection.
"Tonight Tesla 4000 held a fashion show demonstrating Giorgio Armani's male and female Collections, orchestrated by the designer himself. After an autograph-session at Tretyakovsky Proyezd, signor Armani presented his new fall-winter 2016/17 collection to the Moscow public."

"The stylish Moscow public arrived at «Tesla 4000» in advance in order to demonstrate the variety of the Armani Total Look to photographers, to go through a "total recall" while looking at the beautiful video dedicated to the history of the brand and to personally pay respects to the maestro. The concentration of black in the interior and in guests' clothes was extremely high, but in the case of the brand, there is no such thing as too much black".
"I was glad to return to Moscow after so many years, - the maestro said. Russia is an important market, we have many special clients here who have always shared my views on style and manner of life. This is exactly the reason why I wanted to organise a separate event demonstrating my latest collections". Many guests have chosen items from his current collection to wear to the event. The list of people dressed in Giorgio Armani's clothes were Alla Verber, Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Natalya Goldenberg, Snezhana Georgieva, Kseniya Solovyeva, Olesya Kafelnikova, Darya Malygina and many others".

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